How to Get Your New Acquisitions Specialist a Quick Win!

Don’t do what I did…

I waited too long to hire an acquisitions specialist in my company.

I remember spending hours talking with sellers on the phone, running to appointments and making follow up calls, when I should have been training others on my team to do this for me, so I could spend my time GROWING THE COMPANY like only I can as the business owner.

When you do make a new hire, one of your top priorities, besides training them, is getting them a quick win i.e. get them their 1st deal ASAP!

This will make the opportunity more real in their mind and it will further open their mind to the possibilities.

In today’s video, you’ll learn exactly what I did to get a newly hired acquisitions specialist her first deal!

Free yourself!

Hire someone on your team to lock up deals for you…train them up…and get them their first deal!

Your life will change forever when you do!