Want to Double or Triple Your Income…Think “Who” Not “How”

When you consistently market for seller leads, every once in a while, you’ll come across a deal you aren’t able to close through normal channels.

This recently happened to us in our business.

We locked up a great property with a NICE SPREAD. We had some issues with the tenants and it took some time to get them out.  But when we finally did, we discovered the property was a complete nightmare (you’ll see the pics in the video).

As a leader, when you come across a problem like this you need to think: “Who not how.”

In other words, you shouldn’t be scrambling to figure out how you can personally solve the problem directly in front of you.

Instead ask yourself: “Who can help me solve this?

In this video, you see how I was able to get this nightmare of a property completely rehabbed and ready to sell for top dollar in less than 4 weeks by simply asking myself the right question!

Wait til you see the before and after pics!