How to Close Motivated Sellers – Sales Training Part 1

Stop what you’re doing right now because what I have today will absolutely make you MORE MONEY and actually make talking to sellers more fun.

Today’s video is the first in a five-part sales training series on How to Close Motivated Sellers.

When’s the last time a seller said something like this to you, “Hey, I’m desperate. I’ll take whatever you can give me for this house.”

Never, right!

It’s doesn’t happen.

Even the most motivated of sellers will still hold their cards close to their chest.

Every new acquisition specialist in my company is required to go through my No Limits Sales System training, which includes 5 communications techniques we use to get sellers to lay down their cards and tell us things they wouldn’t tell any other investor.

Watch today’s video to learn the first of these five techniques, which helps you maintain control when talking to sellers and allows you to quickly separate the contenders from the pretenders.

I love this stuff!!!

If you want increase your bottom line without having to spend more on marketing, this is how you do it!