We Transform Wholesalers
into Business Owners

Join an Elite Community of Wholesalers and Build a Business that Generates Stable and
Predictable Income without Your Personal Day-to-Day Involvement

Systematize Your Business

Hire a Team

Grow Your Income

Does Everything in Your Wholesaling Business
Revolve Around You?

Are you overworked and stressed out because you’re responsible for almost every aspect of your wholesaling business? Is your income up one month and down the next? Would your wholesaling business continue to run profitably if you weren’t there for several days or even weeks?

I Know What it’s Like to Wear Every Hat in Your
Wholesaling Business

“My wholesaling operation was a one-man show back in 2010. Then a mentor said I needed to learn how to empower other people. I followed his advice. My income increased dramatically. My stress levels dropped. And life has never been the same since.”

I’ve coached hundreds of real estate investors to:

Double profitability without raising their marketing budget by increasing conversions and assignment fees.

Profitably scale their operation by hiring and building teams in acquisitions, dispositions and marketing.

Implement systems and processes that reduce the owner’s workload and stress while maximizing company resources and personnel.

The Four Core Areas of a Seven-Figure
Wholesaling Business

Next Level Wholesaling is a 16-week coaching program designed specifically to help you grow your income and increase profitability while reducing stress, overwhelm and complexity in your business by optimizing each of these four areas:

We’ll show you how to streamline your marketing plan, so you can increase the number of signed contracts while cutting spending by as much as 80% within the first week.

We’ll show you how to add leverage to your acquisitions process by hiring an acquisitions team, so you can increase deal flow without you personally having to answer phone calls or run appointments with sellers at all hours of the day and night.

We’ll show you how to fully optimize your dispositions process including how to turn your title company into an elite, high performing team member, so you can create an income producing, deal solidifying, freedom creating partner that works with you at no additional cost.

We’ll also show you how to take control of your numbers and metrics, so you can stop making decisions based on fear, gut feelings or fly by night ideas and operate on truth and confidence!

Transform Yourself from Wholesaler
to Business Owner in 3 Steps:

1. Apply for Next Level Wholesaling

We’ll review your application. If we think we’re a good fit, we’ll invite you to join.

2. Follow Our System for Building a Business

We’ll layout out an exact blueprint for you to optimize and scale all four areas of your wholesaling business in the shortest amount of time possible.

3. Take Your Wholesaling Business to the Next Level

Watch your monthly income along with the amount of time, freedom, and power in your life increase as a result of your transformation from wholesaler to business owner.

Next Level Wholesaling Success Stories

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Transform Yourself from Wholesaler to Business Owner