Success Stories

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Brian and Misty from Indiana

Brian and Misty have been able to free themselves from much of the day-to-day operations of their business since joining Next Level Wholesaling, so they can spend more time with their family and focus solely on growing their business.

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Corey from Wisconsin

Corey used what he learned from Next Level Wholesaling to hire a team and free himself from his business, so he and his wife could spend more time at home with their newborn baby.

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Zack Booth from Utah

Zack was frustrated with being a “one-man show” and was struggling to keep up. Since joining Next Level Wholesaling, he’s hired a team around him and expects to net a million dollars from his wholesaling business this year.

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Matt from South Carolina

Matt wanted a “business” not a “job.” He was tired of answering the phones and was getting burned out. Next Leve Wholesaling gave him the clarity and accountability he needed to start building his business.

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Carson from South Carolina

Carson wanted to stop doing everything in his business himself and do more deals. Since joining Next Level Wholesaling, he’s completely streamlined his dispositions process, so now deals close without his personal involvement. He’s also looking to make his first hire in acquisitions.

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Matt from Indiana

Matt was struggling to hire and build a team on his own. He used what he learned from Next Level Wholesaling to successfully hire a dispositions manager and create processes to systematize his business.