How to Build Your Wholesaling Dream Team (Part 3)

Let’s keep it going with the How to Build Your Wholesaling Dream Team series.

The next position in a seven-figure wholesale business is dispositions.

It’s easy to think that once a deal is under contract, the deal is basically done.

But, it ain’t true.

Think of it this way: Acquisitions finds the deals and locks them up. Dispositions closes the deals, so everyone get paid.

A lot can go wrong once a property is under contract that can easily cause your sellers to get cold feet and want to back out of the deal.

A finely tuned dispositions process puts the sellers mind at ease and keeps the deal moving forward at all times until it closes.

In today’s video, you’ll learn my strategy for building a rockstar dispositions team that solidifies our deals and makes sure they close.

Being an entrepreneur makes you leader, so lead!

Start building out your team and watch your stress levels decline while your income rises!